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When Is the Best Time to Golf in Myrtle Beach?

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Known for its subtropical climate and affordable staying and playing conditions, Myrtle Beach is considered the “Golf capital of the world”. The Grand Strand, which stretches about 70 miles up the South and North Carolina coasts, is home to approximately 90 golf courses.

So, when is the best time to golf Myrtle Beach? As always, it depends on who you ask! Locals will say it’s Fall, tourists will say it’s Spring or Summer. Some locals and tourists may even say Winter because of the low prices and wide-open playing conditions. Below, we will define each golf season and examine its pros and cons.

Myrtle Beach Golf Seasons


Spring (Late February – May)


Known forever as the main ‘Golf season’, Spring offers a welcome escape to golfers who have been trapped at home by inclement weather. Offering the most favorable weather conditions of the year, Spring is the busiest golf season at the beach. This season includes higher prices for rounds and the most crowded playing conditions. One tip is to be sure to book your hotels, flights, and rounds in advance if planning a visit during Spring. For groups of 8 or more, you’ll be happy to know that Beachwood allows tee times to be booked as far as one month in advance. Additionally, pre-booking is available up to 5-7 days in advance for small groups and individuals.

Summer (June – Mid-September)


Like Winter, Summer is an in-between season, offering golfers lower prices and open playing conditions. With higher temperatures, many golfers opt to play in the morning. Hotter afternoon tee times are offered at a steep discount during this time. One advantage of playing in the Summer is that the days are longer, allowing many golfers to squeeze in multiple discounted rounds per day. A word of caution, be sure to bring your rain gear during these months!

Fall (Mid-September – November)

Known as ‘Golf Season 2’, Fall is a local favorite and is the second most popular golf season in Myrtle Beach. Prices are not as high as in the spring and the course isn’t as crowded. Some things to consider when booking a trip during this time include hurricanes and holiday travel. On the plus side, Fall offers beautiful scenery, firmer playing conditions, and no humidity! Beachwood offers a Snowbird Membership that begins during this season, click here for more info.

Winter (December – January)


Winter is the least popular season to golf and is indeed hit-or-miss. However, if you ‘hit’, you are in for a treat! Beachwood offers a Snowbird Membership to help you manage the hit-and-miss and take advantage of the nice days! Booking a tee time in the afternoon is the most effective strategy for golfers looking to enjoy the best weather conditions during these months.

For booking information and seasonal rates, feel free to call the Pro Shop at (843) 272-6168. Additional weather information about the Grand Strand may be found here.

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